Using A Computer Drawing Tablet



Saturdays, October 8, 19 11am – 12pm $30.00

Computer drawing tablets are essential tools not only for artists, but also for photographers, animators, and other creative professionals. The computer tablet stylus is a much more precise, intuitive and effortless way to create and enhance digital projects such as illustrations, comics, photographs and digital paintings. In this workshop, students will learn:

The different types of tablets, and pros and cons of each
How to use a tablet in a way that is natural, relaxing and productive
How to use the various settings to increase productivity and enhance projects
An overview of digital file types, resolution of images and why it’s best to save multiple versions of each project

To register for classes at the eminole Recreation Center, visit the center in person (sorry, at this time, no on-line or phone registration is available, but will be in the near future). The Seminole Recreation Center is located at 9100 113th St N, Seminole, FL 33772 (727)391-8345. [MAP LINK]