Online Social Hangouts

The No Limits Digital Drawing class features a monthly social event online for students and not-yet students. The emphasis is on socializing, fun and making new friends, and is completely free, whether you are a student or not.
Next Online Social Hangout: Date To Be Determined

Video Highlights From Previous Hangouts

The first online hangout was in October, and so had a Halloween theme. My SMA students Shannon, Brooklynn and Maia talk about Halloween costumes involving wheelchairs, we viewed a device for creating scary horror movie sounds (called The Apprehension Engine) and made plans to meet up together at a comic-con when the pandemic is over:

The second online hangout was even more fun; I re-drew student artwork in various styles as a fun exercise. Below the video is a gallery of the versions I created, with the original piece first.

Maia’s, Shannon’s and Brooklynn’s versions (the original is first):

The third and final online hangout of 2020 was, as always, a lot of fun; This month was a Christmas theme and we talked about Santa Claus paintings, Rube Goldberg machines, creepy dolls and silly Christmas hats.