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Magnum Arts provides illustrations for a variety of needs, from cartoons and diagrams for your website, article or project, to poster and promotional design, to original logos custom designed for your business.



Alien-Encounter_optimizedFrom your concept to finished illustration, suited to your needs, all ready for web or print!

Your ideas can be rendered into entertaining, amusing and informative comic strips, cartoons or filler graphics which will make an otherwise dry website or article more engaging. No one these days reads blocks of text; images and visual stimulation are crucial to grabbing – and maintaining – your audience’s attention. Below: promo image for drawing classes


Below: Excerpt from unpublished graphic novel


Below is an example of how a point can be made in an enertaining manner using comic strips. This strip, starring Sharonda and Mike, was created using Bitstrips, a fun and extremely customizable web comic creation tool.

Dense Text

Graphic Design

Michael Lyman has a Bachelors in graphic design and years of experience designing flyers, business cards, brochures and promotional posters that are eye-catching, informative and effective. Do you need promotional material to leave behind, or a poster to promote your next event? Let’s talk!

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Below: Promotional poster for the 501st Legion describing the organization and its mission, to be used at public events. Photography and graphics by Magnum Arts


Below: Promotional poster for 501st Legion fundraising event at which photography by Magnum Arts is used to generate donations. Poster design and graphics by Magnum Arts



Below: Business card mock-up for web development client as part of package project consistig of website, logo, business card and promotional flyers



Logo Design

PHuston Logo vers 10What’s the big deal with a logo? Just pick an image or whip up something and slap it on a business card. Done! Onto the next thing, right?


logo_image 2Choosing a distinctive company logo is one of the most important things a business can do to brand itself and establish a unique, eye-catching identity. A good logo gives a company credibility and gets it noticed, and getting noticed means attracting prospects, which, hopefully, turn into customers. There is a lot riding on a company’s logo.

logo_image 1Human beings are visual, and react on a subconscious, emotional level to images they see. Various studies have indicated that people remember only about twenty to forty percent of what they read but seventy to eighty percent of what they see. Visual imagery trigger a subconscious, emotional reaction in people, and buying a product or service is largely an emotionally driven process.

Most of the sales process is already over by the time a customer reaches out to a company to buy a product or service. Consumers have already done their research. The deciding factor that remains is an emotional factor. You want consumers to feel more comfortable about choosing your business than your competitor’s.

Important Qualities of a Successful Logo

  • Easily recognizable (not confused with another logo or completely different concept)
  • Easily reproducible for use on business cards, patches, key chains, clothing, other items
  • Representative of services offered and the culture of the business
  • Unique from other logos of businesses in the same industry
  • Visually appealing

Magnum Arts designs custom logos tailored specifically to your business and company culture, from rough sketches to finished web and print-ready artwork. Do you need an new or improved logo? Let’s talk!

Examples of Good Logos

FedExNote the arrow hiding between the E and the small X, a subconscious cue indicating speed and accuracy

Disney_LogoThis internationally-recognized logo says all you need to know about the company; the whimsical, child-like font indicates this corporation’s business is fun and entertainment

amazon-com-logoAmazon’s logo has an arrow that looks like a smile and also indicates speed and convenience


Examples of Bad Logos

orientalA logo should most definitely not look like a sex act, as this logo, for The Institute For Oriental Studies, unfortunately does. The red sun and the Oriental curved-roof architecture, indicating Japan, make sense, but not the way they’re arranged


What do you see in this logo? Two dancers? Or a topless woman?

If the dance classes are designed for juniors, then the imagery is definitely wrong here. After noticing the two breasts, you can’t un-see them.

square logosSome logo elements have been used so often they no longer serve the purpose of making a company stand out, defeating the whole purpose of a logo in the first place. The letters of a company in blocks shows a complete lack of imagination and doesn’t tell us anything about what these companies do, or what they stand for.

tree logosThe tree imagery could mean many things, and doesn’t tell someone at a glance what the business is all about. It could be anything from a medical practice to an environmentally friendly construction company.
Contact Magnum Arts to arrange a free initial consultation of your project needs!

Call for information about how Magnum Arts can help you with your graphic design or illustration needs!

(727) 230-3106

Some questions to ask when designing a logo:

What is the company’s personality/culture/purpose? Is it Whimsica, fun, lighthearted, or serious and conservative? Technical and technology-related, or old fashioned, retro and traditional?

What symbols or imagery would best represent the company, its mission or values?

What font would best represent the company? The choice of font is very important. Consider:

font example


See the difference?