Dark Office: The Graphic Novel

Dark Office: The Graphic Novel is published!  The first graphic novel from Michael K. Lyman is available on Amazon’s Comixology platform, the largest portal of comics and graphic novels in the world, where you can read comics on your tablets, mobile device or home computer.

Dark Office is about a man who finds himself surrounded by corporate drones, their individuality wiped away in the name of profit margins, call stats and productivity metrics, where individuality is banned and freedom of thought is non-existent, one of whom is someone he cares about. Can he find a way to restore her humanity?


Where Dark Office Was Created


Every single page of Dark Office was drawn and inked at this call center cubicle while on the phones, using nothing more than a mechanical pencil, eraser and technical pens. The second photo was taken on my last day, when I left corporate life for good (my homemade VACANCY sign didn’t last long after I left, I heard).

Dark Office was inspired by a need to survive a spirit-crushing corporate environment, and could not have been created anywhere else, an example of an artist suffering for their art.

What is Comixology?

ComiXology is an exciting digital distribution platform for comics, offering a selection of more than 250,000 comic books, graphic novels, and manga for platforms such as Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the Internet. You can download your comics onto your mobile device (tablets are ideal), or read them online in the cloud. To learn more about Comixology, click HERE!

Previews of Dark Office: The Graphic Novel