Homeschool / Summer Camp Art Classes

Latest Update As of March 21: Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, all on-location classes, workshops and private lessons have been placed on hold. Online classes will be available soon through Zoom and OutSchool. Follow Magnum Arts on Facebook for the latest updates; to receive emailed updates send an email to, or text 727-492-0135.Sessions are available for children ages twelve and up and typically last one hour to an hour and a half, and can be conducted at schools, private homes (a parent or legal guardian must be present) art centers or libraries (advance notice required in order to reserve a study room).

Plenty of visual references are used to inspire and engage students, bringing their skills and confidence to the next level, all in a fun, non-judgmental environment n which students also learn from each other.

Art Supplies Available In Class

Students can now buy an art kit directly in class, saving time and aggravation, exclusively from Magnum Arts for only $10.00

Available exclusively through Magnum Arts, the Zebra Delguard pencils, imported from Japan, have a silky smooth finish that feels good in your hand, never needs sharpening, and a special design that protects the lead while drawing. Pencils are $10.00 and come with replacement 3B leads, perfect for sketching and drawing. Available nowhere else!

Current Schedule

CLAP! Homeschool Co-op – Tuesdays  12-1pm
Some themes for workshops and classes include:

  • Fun With Faces – Learn to draw faces and expressions
  • Sketching Basics – Learn how to relax and sketch without worry
  • Figure Fun – Drawing human figures and various poses
  • Keep It In Perspective – Draw rooms and buildings with proper perspective
  • Manga Magic – Drawing anime and manga

Michael Lyman has been teaching the arts for over ten years in three states, and in Florida, has been a guest art instructor at area schools, in addition to the regular classes he teaches in St. Petersburg. Additionally, his first graphic novel, Dark Office, has been published on Amazon. 

If you are interested in homeschool art instruction for your co-op or school, email, or call 727-492-0135 today!