Homeschool Art Classes

Magnum Arts provides quality online cartooning and drawing classes to children ages twelve and up through Zoom, with each student learning at his or her own pace. There is no pressure to “keep up” with other students, and classes revolve around each student’s interests and skill level. The emphasis is on self-acceptance, stress reduction and building self-esteem, and socializing (online) with other students is an important part of the experience.

For more information about online homeschool classes call or text 727-492-0135, or email

“Drawing has never been fun for him…he is really putting himself out there. I think the socialization is very good for him. By the way you got a rare smile at the end. And after he left the class, he said ‘Wow, that felt good.’ He means drawing and your class. So now, I am a puddle of tears. Thank you for your class today.” -Jennie D.

NEW CLASS: Cartooning and Drawing, ages 9 – 11, Mondays at noon (online). Cost: $75.00 for a ten week class (which breaks down to $7.50 a class). To register, send an email to; PayPal payment can be made using the following address:

Plenty of visual references are used to inspire and engage students, bringing their skills and confidence to the next level, all in a fun, relaxing environment n which students also learn from each other.

Some of the concepts covered include:

Fun With Faces – Learn to draw faces and expressions

Drawing Hands – Learning techniques for drawing hands and figures

Sketching Basics – Learn how to relax and sketch without worry

Figure Fun – Drawing human figures and various poses

Keep It In Perspective – Draw rooms and buildings with proper perspective

Manga Magic – Drawing anime and manga

Charcoal Pencil Drawing – learning shading techniques with charcoal

Michael Lyman has been teaching the arts for over ten years in three states, and in Florida, has been a guest art instructor at area schools, in addition to the regular classes he teaches in St. Petersburg. Additionally, his first graphic novel, Dark Office, has been published on Amazon. 

If you are interested in homeschool art instruction for your co-op or school, email, or call 727-492-0135 today!