Drawing And Illustration For Teens – Basic and Advanced

The original Drawing and Illustration For Teens class has been run for over seven years and now is sold out on a regular basis.

Latest Update As of April: Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, all on-location classes, workshops and private lessons have been placed on hold. Online classes are now available soon through Zoom! For more information, visit the Online Classes page!


The basic Drawing & Illustration For Teens covers sketching, developing creativity, figure drawing, perspective, charcoal pencil, inking and more. Students focus on what they like to draw, learning techniques and concepts that help them improve their skills and build self-confidence, while learning about different artists and art genres. Because each student works at their own level, there is no need to “keep up” with other students. Additionally, students are encouraged to try new concepts and techniques they may not be familiar with in order to foster their development as artists.

The work of famous artists and artistic concepts are introduced, and students are able to experiment with colored markers, colored pencils, charcoal pencils and watercolors. 


In Drawing and Illustration For Teens – The Next Level, students are taught more advanced techniques; this class is designed for students who are ready to stretch their artistic legs and build on the skills they already have.

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