Drawing And Illustration For Teens- Basic and Advanced


The original Drawing and Illustration For Teens class has been run for over seven years and now is sold out on a regular basis. The new Drawing and Illustration For Teens – The Next Level is designed specifically for teens (and adults) who are looking for more in-depth art instruction, covering more  advanced concepts.

Students draw what they want to draw, focusing on areas where they want to improve, with no pressure to keep up with other students.

The work of famous artists and artistic concepts are introduced, and students are able to experiment with colored markers, colored pencils, charcoal pencils and watercolors. 


In Drawing and Illustration For Teens – The Next Level, students are taught more advanced techniques, such as perspective, shading, adding realism and detail to their drawings, different art methods, and a whole lot more. This class is designed for students who are ready to stretch their artistic legs and build on the skills they already have.