Classes Overview

“Hi, I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s class. Casey kept drawing for hours after to finish his drawings. Between school lessons today he’s been drawing. He showed his friends his art and told them he “can draw now”. Rather than getting frustrated, he’s relaxed. You did that! Thank you.” –Cara M

Online Art Classes

Magnum Arts provides online art instruction tailored to each student’s needs in a secure online setting where there is no pressure to keep up with other students, with an emphasis on self-acceptance and nurturing the creative spirit. With humor and a relaxed environment, students are guided to move beyond their comfort zones to try new techniques and learn about other noteworthy artists (note all class times are Eastern Standard Time).

Drawing & Illustration For Teens – (Morean Art Center, Saturdays 11am – 1pm) The Drawing & Illustration class has run continuously since 2007 and is now online, covering sketching, developing creativity, figure drawing, perspective, charcoal pencil, inking and more. Students focus on what they like to draw, learning techniques and concepts that help them improve their skills and build self-confidence, while learning about different artists and art genres. Because each student works at their own level, there is no need to “keep up” with other students. Additionally, students are encouraged to try new concepts and techniques they may not be familiar with in order to foster their development as artists.

Dazzling Digital Drawing – (Morean Art Center, Saturdays 2-3pm beginning Feb. 27) Take your art into the Dazzling Digital Drawing realm, with ease! This course uses a FREE graphics program called Ibis Paint X that’s available on Mac and Android devices (preferably tablets). Using online demonstrations, drawing instruction and reference hand-outs created specifically for this course, students will start with the basics of the program, learning all the tools it offers to bring their creativity to the next level, all in a relaxed, pressure-free environment. Additional assistance is available to help students get set up with everything they need. Don’t delay, get Dazzling today!

ICE Homeschool Drawing Class(Tuesdays 12 – 1pm) Magnum Arts has created a standalone drawing class for home-school students, unaffiliated with other home-school co-ops: The ICE Creative Classes program. Plenty of visual references are used to inspire and engage students, bringing their skills and confidence to the next level, all in a fun, relaxing environment n which students also learn from each other.

Cartooning & Drawing: The Creative Spirit – (OutSchool, various times) Standalone individual classes on the OutSchool platform for students ages twelve and up. Students develop their creative spirit, building self-confidence and improving their art skills, drawing cartoons, comics, hands and much more, learning at their own pace in a fun, judgement-free environment!

Keep Your Perspective – (Outschool, Mondays 7pm – 8pm, ongoing class) Learn to draw realistic buildings, objects and landscapes using one, two and three-point perspective to make your art come ALIVE! The mysteries of creating correct perspective are simplified and made fun using easy-to-follow steps and showcasing the work of artists who have mastered perspective to create amazing art. All you need is a sketchbook, pencil and ruler to take your art into the NEXT DIMENSION!

No Limits Digital Drawing – (Morean Art Center,time TBD) There are no artistic limits for students with reduced or severely limited mobility, not in the No Limits Digital Drawing class! Students learn to use a free online digital drawing program along with a touch-sensitive tablet to express themselves creatively in a fun, relaxed, online environment. A once-a-month private lesson for each student is included, along with a once-a-month social hangout, each with a different theme, allowing students to socialize and support each other. This innovative program gives students a creative outlet with no limits!

Class Promotional Videos

Thirty second promo spot for online drawing classes
Video showcasing the newest class on OutSchool, Keep Your Perspective
Demonstration video for the innovative No Limits Digital Drawing class

Waiting Room Cartoon

Below is an entertaining 6-minute long animation I created for my students to watch while they are waiting for the class to begin, using a 1924 Fleischer cartoon, and some flossy, retro music. Fun is baked into my classes. Enjoy!

Below: using a (now unfortunately defunct) comic strip generator called Bitstrips, I created a fun comic starring Sharonda, who explains why sketching is important and how to approach it. I put in a cameo at the end.