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Michael Lyman has been teaching people how to draw for over fifteen years, from a summer camp in upstate New York, to craft schools in Vermont, to the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, as well as the towns of Largo, Belleair and Safety Harbor. He now teaches at the Morean Art Center in St. Petersburg Florida, and most recently, at the brand new digital art center at the City of Seminole Recreation Center. He has just published his first e-book and created an online photography class.

Classes In Two Cities For 2017 and a Brand New Class!

For 2017 Magnum Arts classes will be held at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, and the Seminole Recreation Department, at their new state-of-the-art computer arts facility, the Digital Den.

Drawing and Illustration Classes, Morean Arts Center – Saturdays 9:30 – 11am (six classes per session)

Winter 1 – January 28, February 4, 11, 18 (No classes on January 21)  SOLD OUT

Winter 2 – March 4, 11,18, 25, April 1, 8 SOLD OUT

Spring – April 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20, 27

New Class: Dazzling Digital Drawing

Take your art to the next level: DIGITAL! Learn to use a computer drawing tablet to enhance your art with dazzling, dynamic tools such as shading, brushes, markers, perspective guides and tools that steady your lines as you draw. Sketchbook Pro is a powerful, easy-to-use program that gives you enormous control over your art while keeping the intuitive drawing experience. Best of all, you can use Sketchbook Pro at home for less than the cost of a grocery bill! Students ages thirteen and up will learn how to unlock the potential of this powerful program. Some of the tools Sketchbook Pro offers artists include:

  • Huge number of brushes, markers, pencils and spray paint tools

  • Enormous control over shading, inking, opacity and other drawing settings

  • Steady Stroke, a feature that allows users to create perfectly smooth curves and lines (no jiggles!)

  • Perspective tools

To get a basic overview of what Sketchbook Pro can do, check out this very informative video from Trent Kaniuga (visit his website HERE).

Three-class sessions, beginning March 4th, 12pm – 1:30pm Saturdays. The maximum number of students per class is eight, so sign up soon to avoid missing out! Call 727-822-7872 to put your name on the list (on-line registration link coming soon).

Seminole Recreation Center Classes

Create Your Own Graphic Novel, Seminole Recreation Center – Saturdays 12:30 – 1:30pm (six classes per session) – Dates To Be Determined

Create Your Graphic Novel E-Book and Online Photography Class Now Available!


The first e-book from Magnum Arts, How To Create Your Graphic Novel, is an easy-to-read, concise primer on the steps to creating your own masterpiece of sequential storytelling. From thoughts on the creative process, to character and plot development, to the planning and illusrating your graphic novel, this e-book has you covered as an easy-to-use resource. At only $8.99, it’s a steal! Click the cover to order your copy today!
Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.


Video 1 Cover

This five-video course, Intro To Digital Photography, removes the mysteries from the complicated single-lens reflex cameras so students can take better pictures with ease! From the basics of how photography works, to learning how to get away from all-automatic settings, to learning to compose better photographs, this course has you covered! The videos are short, entertaining and informative, and downloadable resources are available! See the Digital Photography 101  page to learn more!

Brand New Classes, Brand New Arts Center!

Seminole has been given top-of-the line computers, equipment and software through a generous donation, rivaling the finest design schools in the state, and is creating an exciting new arts program that will merge both traditional and computer arts into an exciting, state-of-the-art program! Magnum Arts has been asked to be involved in this program and will be teaching three courses. Below, the mayor of Seminole, Leslie Waters, cuts the ribbon for the grand opening, which was also attended by the vice-mayor and other members of the city and the press:

The following classes will be held at this exciting new facility, with a limit of nine students per class:



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Create Your Own Graphic Novel

This fun six-class course will teach students the process for creating their own 5-page graphic novel, from writing the script, to storyboarding the panels, to illustrating the finished product, which will be ready for scanning into a computer. The emphasis will be on creating a fun, pressure-free environment that allows students to experience a new way to express themselves creatively. All students, from teens to adults, are welcome to take this course, and all drawing styles are welcomed.

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Using A Computer Drawing Tablet

Computer drawing tablets are essential tools not only for artists, but also for photographers, animators, and other creative professionals. The computer tablet stylus is a much more precise, intuitive and effortless way to create and enhance digital projects such as illustrations, comics, photographs and digital paintings. In this workshop, students will learn:

The different types of tablets, and pros and cons of each

How to use a tablet in a way that is natural, relaxing and productive

How to use the various settings to increase productivity and enhance projects

An overview of digital file types, resolution of images and why it’s best to save multiple versions of each project

Registration For Seminole Classes

To register for classes at the Seminole Recreation Center, visit the center in person (sorry, at this time, no on-line or phone registration is available, but will be in the near future). The Seminole Recreation Center is located at 9100 113th St N, Seminole, FL 33772 (727)391-8345. [MAP LINK]


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Classes at the Morean Arts Center

Michael Lyman regularly teaches at the prestigious Morean Art Center, where he teaches students ages twelve and up how to improve the quality of their art, and enjoy the process at the same time.Some of the subjects taught in the drawing classes include:

Basics of sketching and developing a creative mindset


Drawing people and figures

Inking and using art pens

Shading and creating depth

Additionally, workshops focusing on Adobe Photoshop basics and using a computer pen tablet are also available (Michael Lyman is certified in Adobe Photoshop)

Join the e-mail list! Send a request to receive emails about upcoming classes, arts and pop-culture related events taking place in the area!

Morean-Arts-Center008_optClasses revolve around what the student wants to learn, not what the teacher wants to teach. Students are guided beyond their comfort zones to try new techniques and are exposed to different artists and genres, as art is not created in a vacuum. Emphasis is placed on developing a creative spirit that has benefits beyond the classroom.

Morean Arts Center007aThe environment of a Magnum Arts class is quiet, relaxed and comforting, to foster a creative mindset. Drawing is a healthy practice, a way to lower stress levels, decompress after a difficult day, foster better problem-solving and is a way to let your spirit know you’re listening.


Morean Arts Center006aMost importantly, drawing is about the process – not the end result. Whether your drawing is good or not is completely irrelevent. Much like yoga or meditation, it is the process that is beneficial.

Private Lessons

Michael Lyman is also available for private lessons as well, for both children and adults, in either the comfort of your home, or at a public location, such as a library or even a park on a sunny day. Private lessons with students under 18 require a parent or legal guardian to be present for the duration of the lesson, unless the lesson is conducted in a public place.

Lessons are $40.00 an hour, with discounts for multiple lessons. Private lessons offer less distraction and more personalized attention to what the student wants to learn, in a relaxed, contemplative and fun atmosphere.

Call for information about art classes or private lessons!

(727) 230-3106


Join the e-mail list! Send a request to receive emails about upcoming classes, arts and pop-culture related events taking place in the area!


PCCC-1_optMichael Lyman has conducted numerous workshops over the years, at such locations as libraries, comic conventions and art festivals, and at The Spring, the domestic violence shelter at which he volunteers.

Workshops are available on drawing, Manga and a fun workshop that teaches participants how to create their own comic strip or mini-graphic novel.

5-Min-Lessons-PosterDuring comic conventions and art festivals, he offers Free Five-Minute Drawing Lessons to attendees as away to open their minds to creative potential. People who say, “I can’t draw” quickly realize they can, opening up a new world. The seats are nearly always filled for this fun activity.

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Michael Lyman has given numerous presentations over the years, popular at comic conventions, art festivals and libraries, on the following subjects:

How To Create Your Own Graphic Novel

Costuming On A Budget

Manga Drawing

Improving Your LinkedIn Professional Profile

What Is Marketing? Marketing For Small Business

Presentations are concise and image-rich to keep attendees engaged, and supplemental material and links are available to attendees at the conclusion of each presentation to increase the usefulness and benefits.

Below is a presentation on the process of creating a graphic novel, from creating compelling characters, to different types of plots, to panel arrangement:

Call for information about a workshop or presentation for your next function or event!

(727) 230-3106


 Fun Resources

Below are links to fun resources created exclusivly for students and attendees of Magnum Arts classes, workshops and presentations:

Rocket To Me – The Magnum Arts Tumblr Blog – A cool sharing site filled with animated gifs, pictures, quotes and other fun odds and ends that don’t fit on the blog or the Facebook page. Share my stuff, comment and check it often, as new content is added often

Visual Resources For Head and Figure Drawing – Downloadable resource images to help you draw the human body

How To Learn To Draw – It’s More Than Having the Right Pencil – A blog post that helps you discover and develop your creative spirit, without which you will not be able to draw (or create, for that matter)

Various Art and Drawing-Related Links – There are some good posts here to help move your creative potential forward; feel free to take advantage of them.

Do you have a creative need? Let’s Talk!

(727) 230-3106

Sketching For Peace of Mind, Starring Sharonda and Mike Lyman – Below is a fun comic strip I created using Bitstrips, a site in which you can create your own comic strip characters and put them into strips. Sharonda is an intelligent, classy lady who explains the proper mind set for sketching; I put in a cameo at the end. Enjoy!