Drawing Classes

Class Schedule Overview

Magnum Arts classes are EXPANDING! Classes are being offered in St. Petersburg, Largo and Pinellas Park. Below is an overview of the class schedules.

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Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg:

Drawing and Illustration For Teens: Saturdays 9:30 – 11:30am

Drawing and Illustration For Teens: The Next Level: Saturdays 11:30am – 1:30pm

The original Drawing and Illustration For Teens class has been run for over eight years and now is sold out on a regular basis. The new Drawing and Illustration For Teens – The Next Level is designed specifically for teens (and adults) who are looking for more in-depth art instruction, covering more advanced concepts.

Students draw what they want to draw, focusing on areas where they want to improve, with no pressure to keep up, and students often learn from each other in a fun, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Largo Learning Academy Co-Op

The Largo Learning Academy is a homeschooling cooperative which consists of homeschooling and unschooling families from the Pinellas County area working together to provide a gathering place for children to engage in learning and social opportunities. Largo Learning Academy is a faith-based group; however, classes do not promote a specific church’s doctrine. Its mission is to provide a quality environment in which children are nurtured while engaging in classes and activities in a climate of mutual respect. The co-op offers classes for elementary, junior high and high school ages.

Cartooning and Drawing: Mondays, two periods, 1 – 2pm, 2 – 3pm

Other Art Classes Available:

Art-As-Therapy Programs – Michael Lyman provides art as therapy classes to veterans and their families, and to at-risk teens in juvenile detention facilities in the Tampa Bay area. Not open to the public, these programs are specifically tailored to teach students how to use the arts for emotional healing and suicide prevention.

Digital Photography 101 – This fun, informative course removes the mysteries from your digital single lens reflex camera and helps you take better pictures. Available on Skillshare, the course consists of five short video lessons, averaging about four minutes in length, with supplemental material to help you overcome the intimidation factor of your camera.

Create Your Own Graphic Novel (COMING SOON!) – Ever wanted to illustrate your own story, but had no idea where to even begin…? Curious about what goes into publishing your comic or graphic novel? Michael K. Lyman, whose own graphic novel Dark Office has just been published on Amazon’s Comixology platform, has created this fun, innovative class that takes you through every step, which will soon be available online! Watch the first video of the course to learn more!