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Covid-19 Virus Update As Of March 21:

All current classes at the Morean Art Center are now ON HOLD due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. At this time, I do not have information on when classes will resume. Online classes will soon be available!
I will be doing some tests using the Zoom platform, and I will also be setting up classes on the OutSchool platform as well, which is an online educational portal, and expect to have online classes up and running by March 28. In the days ahead, with more and more people isolating themselves, I believe the arts are going to be even more important as a way to manage the stress and anxiety that will result from what is turning out to be an unfolding national medical disaster. Our lives are going to be quite severely impacted for the foreseeable future, and no one knows how this is going to end or in what form our lives will take when it's over.

On a personal level, I want to take this opportunity to say that being able to spend time helping and guiding your your children in the arts is an incredible privilege and the highlight of my week. I'm being sincere about this. Not being able to do so in person will be a hard sacrifice to make, but I will do my best to compensate however I can.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, I am always available. Take good care of yourselves and take whatever precautions you can.


A unique, fun and innovative ONLINE COURSE is coming from Magnum Arts: Create Your Own Graphic Novel. This eight-chapter course consists of entertaining videos about ten to fifteen minutes long that break down the process of creating your own graphic novel into simple, easy-to-understand steps, and the course comes with an e-book that has additional information, exercises and helpful links.


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"My other part of my 24 hour vacation was watching Michael Lyman (Magnum) teach art to teenagers. He is an amazing teacher: funny, talented, and kind. Instead of instructing at the front of the room, he goes to each table and engages with every child, encouraging, teaching, and when necessary, gently nudging them out of their comfort zone. Each child chooses their subject matter, style, drawing tools, and speed. Some kids repeat the class over and over because it is not a standard format; they would never be bored because they create their own class every week. I am so impressed (and jealous that I’m too old to take this class). WOW!"
My daughter, Gracie Hancock, now a Junior in High School, has taken art classes from Mr. Lyman over periods since 7th grade (September, 2010). My daughter has attended his classes at different locations in Pinellas County, including the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, in Safety Harbor and at the Morean Art Center. Mr. Lyman has instructed my daughter in both group settings and private lessons.

My daughter has only glowing things to report of Mr. Lyman as a teacher, describing him as "very relatable -he's gets what I'm trying to create," he "keeps our interest," and he can be a "friend to bring out my creativity, but always in a teacher-student professional way." My daughter has previously provided a testimonial for Mr. Lyman, which reads:

"My art teacher Mike has really impacted my life in a way that he helped me become more observant and to keep an open mind. The most important thing that he taught me is that...it's okay to not fit into what's going on, you make your own normal, you make your own niche...you don't have to change for anyone. Thank you for teaching me all this, and for being my art teacher."
From a mother's perspective, I know my daughter was well prepared for a week-long summer intensive of drawing at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) as a rising Sophomore, due to Mr. Lyman's instruction."
--Claire Hancock

"Michael Lyman has a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm as a teacher. People really enjoyed his free 5-minute drawing lessons at our local Comic Con. He knows how to encourage people to connect with their creativity and not be afraid of expressing it in art."

--Greg Plantamura
Computer Graphic Specialist at City of St. Petersburg

Michael coordinated costumed characters from the 501st Legion to attend several large-scale functions at the Tampa Bay History Center in the last year.
From the grand opening of an exhibit which entailed a massive parade down the Riverwalk leading to an "invasion" of the museum to our Night at the Museum trick-or-treat events, Michael's attention to detail allowed these events to run smoothly and the crowds loved it! His strong leadership and respect for his Legion members was obvious, as was their respect for him.

I can't imagine what I would have done this year during our Night at the Museum event if it hadn't been for his dedication. I had to call Michael at the last minute to pull together several people for the event only days away. Not only did he come through, he saved the day! We had more than our initial anticipated need. I can't thank him enough and welcome any opportunity to work with such a dedicated, helpful, enjoyable professional in the future.

--Jen Tyson
Assistant Curator of Education
Tampa Bay History Center

"In addition to being a very talented designer and illustrator, Michael is extremely reliable and one of the best designers with whom I’ve worked. He has a knack for taking limited information from clients (like me!) and creating several options to meet their needs. I’d highly recommend Michael for any type of design work and web site development."

--Pat Huston, SCORE Business Consultant

"Michael K. is an excellent event coordinator. He has helped me organize my outdoor festival at Lowery Park Zoo along with recording and capturing my bands performance. A highly recommend Michael K as an event coordinator, photographer and illustrator."

--John Sammel
Founder, CJS Music Productions

"I've had the pleasure of working with Michael on several Star Wars related group events, with more to come! Michael was instrumental in coordinating appearances by the 501st Legion. His timeliness and attention to detail ensured the troop was an overwhelming success. As a result of Michael’s work, our very first Star Wars event gained national attention, and LucasFilm Ltd.’s, accolades!"

--Chris Farnkopf
Manager, Corporate Hospitality Sales at The Madison Square Garden Company


Coming SOON is an innovative, entertaining and groundbreaking online course that helps you create your very own comic or graphic novel! The course consists of a series of fun videos containing animation and movie clips plus segments shot on location, with the mascot Mini-Mike, a silent but perceptive stuffed orangutan. Currently being produced, the course will be available on multiple online educational platforms, and comes with an accompanying e-book with supplemental information and exercises to help you get started. STAY TUNED for details!

There are two Drawing & Illustration classes which focus on skills such as sketching, developing creativity, figure drawing, learning how to create proper perspective, charcoal pencil and inking techniques, and more. Students focus on what they like to draw, making the class fun for everyone. The advanced class is for students with a higher degree of artistic abilities.